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Embrace Your Beauty And Power with the 'I Am' Affirmation Cards


Discover the transformative power of self-love and positivity with our "I Am" affirmation card deck, meticulously crafted for women of color. This exquisite collection of 32 full-color cards is more than just a deck—it's a journey towards self-empowerment and introspection.


Each card is a vibrant testament to the beauty and resilience of women of color, featuring stunning watercolor illustrations that capture moments of profound self-reflection and joy. The "I Am" deck is designed to inspire, uplift, and affirm your worth, your dreams, and your unique path in life.


Whether you're starting your day, seeking a moment of tranquility, or needing a burst of motivation, these cards serve as a gentle reminder of your inner strength and grace. Allow the soothing watercolors and powerful affirmations to guide you through moments of doubt and celebrate your achievements.


Empowering Illustrations:

Every card showcases beautiful watercolor illustrations of women in diverse moments of reflection and joy, promoting a sense of connection and universality.


Meaningful Affirmations:

Tailored affirmations that resonate deeply with women of color, supporting personal growth, self-esteem, and a positive mindset.


Versatile Use:

Perfect for daily inspiration, journal prompts, group discussions, or as a meaningful gift to uplift a friend or loved one.


Premium Quality:

Made with love, each card is crafted for durability and beauty, ensuring a lasting companion on your journey to self-love and affirmation.


In this deck, you're not just holding cards; you're holding mirrors to your soul, each reflecting the truth of your beauty, strength, and endless potential. The "I Am" affirmation cards are an invitation to celebrate yourself, your journey, and the collective power of women of color around the world.


Embrace your story, affirm your worth, and step into your light with the "I Am" affirmation cards. Welcome to a world where every day is an opportunity to say, "I Am" and truly believe it.

"I Am" Affirmation Deck

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