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Are You Drowning in 'Shoulds'? Drop the Guilt and Reclaim Your Time with Self-Care 🌹

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Hello Beautiful Sisters,

We get it—life is a whirlwind! Between juggling work, family, and personal responsibilities, it often feels like there's no time left for you. Finding time for self-care as a busy woman can feel like an uphill battle. You're not alone; many women of color find themselves overwhelmed by the ever-growing list of 'shoulds.' You should be a more attentive mom, you should be better at your job, you should look a certain way—the list goes on.

But today, we're flipping the script. It's time to let go of the guilt and prioritize YOU. Here's your guide to finding time for self-care in your bustling life. Trust us, once you tap into this secret sauce, your life will transform in ways you can't even imagine.

1. Unpack the 'Shoulds'

Before we can even think about self-care, let's unpack all those 'shoulds' holding you back. Write them down and ask yourself, "Who says I should do this?" and "What will happen if I don't?" This exercise will often reveal that many 'shoulds' are self-imposed or dare I say culturally ingrained rather than genuinely necessary.

2. Identify Your Non-Negotiables

Identifying your non-negotiables sets the foundation for a structured day. What are the things you absolutely must do? These are things such as work commitments, family time, or personal goals. Make a list and stick to it. Anything that doesn't make this list is negotiable and can be adjusted to accommodate your self-care time.

3. Plan and Prioritize

The old saying goes, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Allocate specific times in your week for self-care. Whether it's a 10-minute meditation before bed or a weekend pamper session—plan it like you would any other important appointment. Take advantage of digital tools like your Google Calendar or wellness apps to set reminders.

4. Be Flexible

We understand—sometimes life happens and plans change. That's OK! Adaptability is your best friend here. Can't get that 30-minute workout in? Aim for a quick 10-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session. Maybe you can't spare an hour for a bubble bath, but how about a 15-minute skincare routine? Remember, it's about quality, not quantity. The key is to not give up altogether.

5. Involve Your Community: The Strength of Sisterhood

We thrive on community and sisterhood. Share your journey & self-care goals on Social or simply invite others from your friend circle to join you. Not only does this hold you accountable, but it also helps to build a supportive environment. Imagine a network of empowered women uplifting each other—priceless!

6. Celebrate Small Wins

Did you take 5 minutes to breathe deeply today? Celebrate that! Did you choose a salad over a sugary snack? That's a win! Every little effort counts and brings you closer to a balanced life.

7. Seek Help When You Need It

There's no shame in asking for help. Whether it's delegating tasks or seeking professional guidance, don't be hesitant to reach out. It takes a village, and you're not in this alone.

Ready to Transform Your Life?

We've curated exclusive resources, workshops , and community discussions to help you lead a life you love. Click here to delve into a treasure trove of content designed to empower you on this transformative journey.

So, let's drop the weight of 'shoulds' and rise, Sisters! Your well-being is not a luxury, it's too important to put on the back burner. Remember, an empty lantern provides no light. Reclaim your time, reclaim your life & SHINE! You've got this, and we've got you! 💕


Was this post helpful to you? Share your thoughts, tips, or personal self-care routines in the comment section below. Let's build a community where we all thrive! 🌟


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