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For The Love Of A Man

"When a Man Loves A Woman"... we all know the song.

Reverse that. When A Woman Loves A Man, She...

Changes her hair, dress, she changes her walk, her talk, her attitude, she might even go so far as to give up on dreams and goals, even lose herself along the way.

Healthy? Not unless these changes are positive in nature. Nevertheless, that's the strength of a man. He can cause a woman to change all in the name of love.

But, consider this... In the name of love, let's change in other ways for our men!

Let's be the safe haven they desperately need in times of distress or doubt. Let's be the shoulder to cry on. Let's be the voice of praise and encouragement. Let's be THEIR voice, when they can no longer speak. Let's be their light to help them guide the way. Let's be that trusted co-pilot, that teammate that gives them one last push into the end zone. Let's be their staunch defenders in a world where all they know is the need to be strong...showing no weakness.

It's rare that they'll ever tell us they need any of the above, but keep our eyes, ears, minds and hearts open. Lift our men! Be their rock, not the reason why they need to be a rock... stone-cold and hardened. Life does a good enough job of doing that already.

Let's press play on that song..."When a man loves a woman...He'd trade the world for the good thing he's found".

So women, if we do find ourselves changing for love, let it be for the good!

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Mar 06, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This couldn't have been stated ANY better, from a man's perspective. THANK YOU.

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