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Excuse Me? Did I Hear That Right? 3 ways to get those over hurtful words

Have you ever asked a weighty question knowing what the answer SHOULD be, while at the same time praying that you GET THAT answer...only to hear the TOTAL OPPOSITE?

How did you feel? Dejected, shocked, discouraged, disappointed?

How did you react? Cringe, cry, start an argument, shrug your shoulders and keep it moving?

Sometimes nothing hurts worse than being disappointed by the words and/or actions of a loved one.

What would YOU do?

In these situations you have to go through your emotions but figure out a way to get over the hurt. 1. Maybe try to get to the root of the issue before blowing up...why were you both on opposite pages when it came to such said topic? Are there deeper underlying issues at play or could it simply be a misunderstanding or miscommunication.

2. Do some self-reflection. Does the other person understand WHY you feel the way you feel? Maybe they are just clueless. How about you clue them in...calmly. Share your feelings without anger, attitude or casting judgement. Do not project your feelings, explain them.

3. Consider compromising. Can you take their point of view into consideration...maybe (just maybe) they are right and you are wrong? Or better yet, maybe there is a compromise to be had!

So yes, you heard that right...whatever the case may be, do your best to reach an amicable solution so that you can get back on the same page, before you both end up in two different books.



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