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The Other Side Of The Bed. Don't Let Things Get In The Way Of Intimacy

Picture this... cool autumn day, cozy sweaters, you are enjoying each other's company as you take a long walk. Great conversation follows over a glass of Apothic Red and your famous surf and turf dish. Those are your days, and in the nights you are wrapped up together and snuggling in the middle of your bed watching Star Trek reruns. Sweet! You couldn't be happier. That is...

Until that same old topic that you can't see eye to eye on rears its ugly head (slip of a tongue, miscommunication, tired, not thinking, bad day, whatever it is) but its back, and POOF... you see bliss speedily flying away right in front of your eyes. Couldn't even catch it if you tried!

Just like that, you are no longer wrapped up together at night. Suddenly, the space between you gets wider and wider, sleeping on the other side of the bed, till one morning one or both of you wake up on the cold hard floor, no longer wrapped in warmth, comfort or love. Funny to picture, but not funny in real life.

This is exactly what happens (metaphorically speaking) when you allow small things (or big ones) to get in the way. The intimacy, warmth and comfort are gone, now replaced with cold hard stares and silence. Each of you hurt from that long fall to the floor.

Who wants that? Will you stay there on your side of the floor mad? Or, will you get up, wash the sheets, make the bed and get snuggled up together again?

Moral of the story...don't fall off the bed, keep it close & keep it tight. Or maybe, get a twin bed so that you won't get too far apart when that "thing" comes up again.


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