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Walk That Walk Girl: The Ultimate Guide to Walking with Confidence and Style!

Are you tired of trudging around, thump, thump, thump. Do you look at celebrities or models and wonder HOW do they walk like that? Do you want to strut down the street like the great Naomi Campbell? Well, ladies, I have the ultimate guide on how to walk like a model (well, maybe not Naomi, nobody can claim that walk of fame)!

Step 1: Get that confidence up! That is the key! Hold your head up high and walk with purpose. Think to yourself..."I am purposely heading to the dairy aisle to pick up that beautiful red netted pack of Babybel Cheese that is just waiting on my arrival!" or if that doesn't do the trick, imagine you're walking towards the runway to take on the world. People from all over have come just to see YOU. Nothing can stop you now (unless you trip in those heels, so try not to do that).

Step 2: Perfect your posture. Stand up straight, roll your shoulders back, and engage your core. Remember, models never slouch! Do it right now, stand up for a quick second...assume the position. Don't you feel taller, stronger, more confident already?

Step 3: Add a little pep in your step. Models don't just walk, they glide, smooth, slick, effortless. Take longer strides, but make sure you're not running (like you are chasing baby Jason in the park). Smooth steps, long strides, float on.

Step 4: Work it, baby! Flirt with the camera (even if that camera is only in your head). Throw in a few "smizes" and hair flips to hit those angles.

Step 5: Accessorize. Remember those heels I told you not to trip in. Make sure you WEAR them (just don't TRIP). Nothing completes a model's walk like a fabulous pair of heels. The higher the better, just make sure you can actually walk in them.

Step 6: Practice, practice, and MORE practice! Your friends and family are going to think you are crazy but hey, you are on a mission. You are walking with a purpose! Take a walk around your house or make the block your runway. Your neighbors will be tearing down curtains & breaking blinds to see who this super model walking beauty is that's setting off their Ring doorbells! Get comfy with your new strut. Own that walk. Make it yours!

And there you have it, girls! With these simple steps, you'll be showing those sidewalks who is the boss; conference room doors will just fly open for you (but make sure you are ready to open them if they don't). Walk down the street like a true model in no time. But please, remember to like and share this post when people start asking for your autograph!


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